About The Artist

Art was my favourite subject at school and as a very young child I had a painting exhibited in the junior section of the Royal Academy. When I was 16 I became the last model of the Polish Expressionist Henryk Gotlib.

As a child I was fascinated by the landscape. In Sussex I explored tracks and woodlands, built camps in secret wildernesses and made endless collections of wild flowers, fungi and rotting wood: and I painted.

"The Gate Exmoor" Oil.

This oil painting is of a favourite location on Exmoor, near Dunkery Beacon. It is not an exact rendition. I tend to move paths and cut and lay hedges if I think it may improve the composition. However its stony track, puddles, raised bank and winter moorland colours make it unmistakably Exmoor.

When I left school I trained as an actress and my acting course was combined with a Dip Ed. in Speech & Drama. My first job was at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter. Apart from shows in the theatre, a number of months were spent researching and writing and then touring and performing on Dartmoor in the Theatre-in-Education Dept: and I painted.

I then joined the Dark & Light Theatre in Brixton and spent an extraordinary few years touring. A memorable performance as Golden Delicious to Eddy Grantís King Cobra is indelibly fixed in my memory - it was the time of the Brixton riots! Later I spent some time in pub and restaurant management and then with my husband in our own sign manufacturing company. In 1990, we moved from Surrey to Somerset with our 3 daughters. I built a garden in 4 acres and set up a small plant nursery in the tiny hamlet of Payton for a number of years. I felt as if I had come home. I started to paint in earnest.

I have now been painting full-time since 2000. I work primarily in oils and watercolour and occasionally with acrylics and mixed media.

Iím a landscape painter. My inspiration is the landscape itself Ė what I see Ė or choose to see and I often work on site, particularly when using watercolour.

"One Square" Mixed Media.

This painting is one of a series of combinations of squares (see Gallery for other examples). It has no landscape connection but was painted after a visit to Paris and the birth of my first granddaughter Sofia.

I seldom paint known beauty spots. My subject matter is most likely to be some geological form or characteristic that best expresses or illustrates a particular location. This might be a raised beech bank on Exmoor, or a series of inter-folding combes on the Quantocks where I now live. On occasions it might simply be the play of light and shadow on a simple landscape which inspires me - or just colour.

As the landscape has become more and more familiar Iíve started to look for a different language to express what I see and feel. Some work is now almost abstract. Colour has become increasingly important as a form of expression. In between the figurative and the abstract I have produced a number of stylised paintings in an attempt to portray the essence of the landscape.